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If you have never been to Belgium and have only heard about this wonderful European country, you are probably imagining Belgium being all about gorgeous architecture, beautiful art, delicious cuisine, and political institutions. However, there is at least one more reason to put Belgium on your map, and it’s the amazing Belgian women. Those men who have already experienced the undeniable charm of Belgian women claim that these ladies can make anyone 100 times happier, especially as brides and wives. belgium women

Why are Belgian brides so popular?

So what is it about the beautiful Belgian women that makes them some of the most coveted brides in Europe? Here are the five things you can expect from the Belgian woman you decide to make your wife.

She is stunning

The gorgeous appearance of Belgian brides is one of the most common reasons why men flock to this tiny country in search of their new wife. Belgian girls have a striking appearance and they know how to present themselves to the world to impress everyone even more.   The most popular beauty standard you will encounter in Belgium is women with various shades of blonde hair, petite frame, and delicate facial features. However, if you are imagining a different woman as your wife, you can definitely find what you are looking for in Belgium For Belgian women, fashion is a big part of their lives. These ladies are known for their exquisite taste and can find just the right outfit for every occasion. Whether you see your Belgian sweetheart on a morning trip to the grocery store or at your friend’s wedding, you can expect her to be the best-dressed person there. At the same time, hot Belgium girls are surprisingly low-maintenance. These women will never take hours to get dressed and put on makeup: they all have a quick beauty routine that works for them perfectly. They also don’t waste time and money on expensive beauty procedures and are big believers in natural solutions for maintaining their beauty. belgian women

She has traditional values

Looking at the level of economic and social development in Belgium, you would have never guessed that women there have mostly traditional and even somewhat conservative views on life and love.   Unlike the feminism-oriented women from your home country, Belgian brides expect you to take the lead in the relationship. They will gladly assign you to be the decision maker in your couple, while they will offer their unlimited love and support. Another thing that will probably surprise you about Belgian brides is that they don’t wait until their late twenties or even thirties to get married. For them, marriage is one of the first items on their checklist and many Belgian girls are already married in their early and late twenties. At the same time, it is not uncommon for a Belgian woman to become disappointed in the early marriage. If you encounter a woman in her late twenties or early thirties, there is a chance that she was once married, got divorced, and now knows how to build a romantic relationship that will last.

She is smart

Perhaps, the first thing you will notice about any Belgian girl you meet is how intelligent she is. Belgium spends a lot of money and effort on educating its youth, which is why Belgian brides share a bright mind and plenty of knowledge about the world. For Belgian girls, education is not limited to the things they learn in schools and universities. They are constantly looking for ways to study something new, whether it’s a different language, something they will need for work, or simply anything they are interested in.   For all Belgian girls, Dutch or French is their native language, but since all schoolchildren in Belgium are taught English, your Belgian bride will be able to effortlessly maintain a conversation with you on any topic. Thanks to being incredibly smart and determined, most Belgian brides have impressive careers. Belgium has plenty of opportunities for women to advance in the workplace and offers equal salaries for men and women. When your wife is not just beautiful, but also smart, hard-working, and financially stable, it adds a new side to your relationship!

She is classy

If there is one thing you will never witness in your relationship and marriage with a Belgian bride, it’s her questionable behavior and rude talk. Belgian girls have an outstanding upbringing, but, more importantly, they are naturally calm and classy. Belgian women know very well how to behave in society. You can take her out to the most important corporate dinner without the fear that she will embarrass you with awkward stories or other unwanted behavior. In turn, you will need to behave like a gentleman at all times to impress your Belgian sweetheart. At first, it may seem like the Belgian women you meet are cold and reserved. But once they start opening up to you, you will see that it’s just how they were taught to behave. In reality, they are warm, passionate, and caring to the men they love. For the same reason, you should never expect your Belgian girlfriend or wife to have loud rows with threats, throwing your stuff out of the window, and breaking dishes against the wall. This is not how Belgian women approach conflicts at all! Whenever you two have a disagreement, she will prefer to calmly discuss the issues and come to a solution that will make everyone happy. This is an excellent quality of Belgian brides that will help your relationship grow strong without being threatened by the unnecessary aggression. belgium girls

She is an excellent cook

We don’t know if it’s the genes, the influence of the society, or the effective teaching from her parents and grandparents, but a typical Belgian bride can rightfully complete with a world-class chef in an ability to whip up delicious meals day after day. Food is a big part of Belgium as a nation. Belgian people use food not only for sustenance, but also for having fun, maintaining relationships, and taking care of their loved ones. Any big celebration in Belgium, both at home and in the streets, cannot be imagined without plenty of hot and tasty treats. Your Belgian bride will happily go with you to a famous restaurant or accept an invitation to have a cup of coffee in a cute coffee shop. However, she will be at her happiest when she is able to cook you a homemade meal and express her love and care through the delicacies she serves to you.

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How are Belgian brides different from Russian brides?

Belgium and Russia don’t have a lot in common, but both Russian and Belgian mail order brides are extremely popular among Western men. There are numerous differences between these two types of brides, and here are the most important ones to consider. Both Russian and Belgian mail order brides consider marriage to be their top priority and they are actively looking for a husband. However, while Russian women prefer to never work again after getting married and moving abroad, Belgian women are too proud of their career accomplishments to just give them up after the wedding. The good news is that you shouldn’t be worried about her work interfering with your family life — Belgian women have a surprising ability to fit both personal life and work into their busy schedule.   Another big difference is the way Russian and Belgian brides behave, both one on one with you and in social situations. While Russian girls may need some time to get used to carry themselves with grace and calm attitude required to make a good impression, Belgian brides are exceptionally well-behaved and will make a good impression anywhere they go.

Where to meet Belgian brides

If you book an expensive trip to Belgium hoping to meet hundreds of eligible Belgian bachelorettes, you may be rather disappointed once you come there — not only will many of the women you meet turn out to be married or in serious relationships, but they also may not be completely open to the idea of meeting their future husband in the street or in a bar. A much more effective and time-saving method of searching for a Belgian bride of your dreams is becoming a member of one of the most popular international dating websites. The women there are gorgeous, young, and smart, but, most importantly, they have decided to get married and can’t wait for their foreign husband to meet them.


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