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Russian Girls: Who Are They and Why You Should Date Them

Both in the media and in real life, Russian girls are very popular with men of all ages. They are often portrayed as the ideal wives and girlfriends any man could ever dream of. And if you ask anyone with Russian girl dating experience, they will tell you that finding a girlfriend from Russia is one of the best things that has ever happened to them. The good news is that even though all of that may seem too good to be true, dating Russian girl is actually as amazing as everyone says it is. Here is everything you need to know about finding and dating your Russian beauty.

Typical Russian Girl: Who Is She?

Before you make the decision to date Russian girls, you probably want to learn more about the things that make girls from Russia such great girlfriends. When you start a relationship with a Russian beauty, this is what you can expect.

She is gorgeous

Even though some may consider putting a woman’s appearance first, we believe it’s nothing but practical. You simply want to enjoy the sight of your girlfriend if you are going to spend many weeks, days, or months with her.  The beauty of Russian girls is one of the first things you learn about them. What is even more important that girls in Russia are often not even aware of their stunning looks and that makes them even more lovable. Russian girls are also pros when it comes to taking care of their appearance. They maintain their physical features and physique for years and always know what to wear and which makeup to put on to make the right impression.

She is intelligent

Few people know this, but Russian girls are some of the most intelligent women on the planet. From a very young age, these girls receive an excellent education. Most of them graduate from prestigious universities and have great career prospects. Many girls in Russia grow up to be bookworms and have an endless range of interests. When you talk to your Russian girlfriend, you are going to be surprised by how fiercely intelligent and well-read she is. This is especially important if you plan to regularly take your sweetheart to social functions, where she will undoubtedly charm everyone.

She is loyal

Even though Russian girls are getting more modern and may not be actively seeking marriage right after they meet a man, at their heart, they are extremely loyal. When they find someone they can see a future with, they will never look at another man again. For a Russian girl, loyalty means not only being faithful to the man they love, but also sticking with him through the good and the bad. If you are searching for a true partner who will stand by your side no matter what, dating a Russian girl is the best way to get what you want.

She is hospitable

Western men, who are used to local women being less than passionate about homemaking, are pleasantly surprised when they start a relationship with a Russian girl. The reason for that is that every girl from Russia is a world-class chef, interior decorator, and cleaner.  The best thing about it is that they don’t consider all these things a chore and actually enjoy doing them. The cooking skills of Russian girls are already the subject of legends. You can look forward to traditional Russian delicacies and trendy dishes gracing your dinner table day after day.

She is fun

People in Russia are often portrayed as serious and moody, but that’s definitely not what you experience with a Russian girlfriend. These girls are cheerful, have a great sense of humor, and always know what to say to lift your spirits. There won’t be a boring weekend with your Russian girlfriend. Even when you don’t go out doing something you both love, you will still have lots of fun when you are staying in. Plus, you will probably quickly find a shared hobby that will bring you even closer.

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Why You Should Date Them

With so many Russian girls dating websites promising to connect you to Russian brides, you can’t help but wonder: are these women really as stunning, kind, and loving as everyone says? We all know someone who found happiness with a Russian girlfriend or wife, but finding a Russian girlfriend is not as easy as it may seem. The biggest challenge of dating a Russian girl is the long distance between you and your potential dream woman. However, that problem is easily solved by signing up to one of the many international dating platforms. One more reason why some men hesitate to date a Russian beauty is the fact that we know very little about them, which is why they may seem intimidating and difficult to date. The good news is that a Russian girl is, perhaps, the best girlfriend you can ever have, and here are 10 reasons to prove it.

1. Beauty

Men are often called shallow for wanting a beautiful girlfriend, but, to us, it is very practical. If you want to wake up every day to your girlfriend’s gorgeous appearance, no one can blame you. And Russian girls are known for being some of the best-looking women on the planet. There are actually three reasons why you see so many fabulous Russian girls online and in the city streets: 
  • First, they are blessed with wonderful genetics, which gives them very different but equally beautiful features. The genetic pool of Russian girls is so diverse that you can find even the most unusual types and traits.
  • Second, they are well aware of their beauty and do everything to make their appearance more striking. From tasteful makeup to stylish clothes, these girls know how to stun with their looks.
  • Third, girls in Russia are determined to stay young and beautiful for as long as possible. They take good care of their skin, keep in shape, and will make you feel excited to see them even after years in a relationship.

2. Generosity

One of the biggest benefits of Russian girls for dating is that these women are prepared to give without expecting much in return. They spend their life waiting for the right man, and once they find him, they surround him with all the love and care they are capable of. The generosity of Russian girls is displayed in different ways. They will always serve you the best piece at dinner, offer you a cold drink after you’ve been working outside, and run errands for you if you are particularly busy. If you are dating Russian girl, you can always expect to be taken care of, whether you are sick or simply came home from work. Generosity is a big part of the character of any Russian girl, and you cannot live life to the fullest unless you experience it.

3. Intelligence

There is so much said about the beauty of Russian girls, but it is impossible to talk about dating a girl from Russia without mentioning how intelligent they are. Most Russian girls get a very good education, which gives them not only career opportunities, but also a well-rounded outlook on life. From a young age, a Russian girl grows up with a love of books, and this love does not go anywhere as she becomes older. Russian girls are always looking for new ways to learn and can surprise you with their range of interests. The incredible intelligence of Russian ladies means that you will not only easily find things to talk about on a date, but also successfully introduce her into even the most high-brow circle. She will never embarrass you, charming everyone with her wit and depth instead.

4. Straightforwardness

If you are used to Western girls being very secretive and never telling it like it is, you are probably wondering: how to date a Russian girl? We are happy to tell you that the directness of Russian girls is one of the biggest reasons why they make such great girlfriends. Girls in Russia learn to be very direct early in life, but they only use this trait for good causes. Your Russian girlfriend will never complain and demand things just because she is in a bad mood — her remarks are always well-grounded and fair. You may not be used to this kind of straightforwardness in a relationship, but soon you will see that it’s a much better way to live. When someone in a relationship is unhappy about something, it’s healthier to discuss it right away than to accumulate anger and resentment.

5. Passion

Often in the media, girls from Russia are portrayed as cold and indifferent, which is not only untrue, but also unfair. Those who have had the pleasure to date Russian girls say that there is no one more loving and tender than a Russian girlfriend. However, you shouldn’t expect a girl from Russia to jump into your open arms immediately after meeting you. Due to their upbringing and past dating experiences, Russian girls need to get to know their man before they can open up to him. Once that happens, you will never feel unloved in this relationship. When she knows you have serious intentions and are in for a long run, your Russian girlfriend will finally reveal all the passion and fire that has been flaring up in her soul for years.

6. Loyalty

When entering a relationship with a man, a girl from Russia is not just looking for a fling — she wants to find a partner. If you are ready to become a faithful partner to your Russian girlfriend, you can expect her to do the same for you tenfold. So what does it mean for a Russian girl to have a partner in her boyfriend or husband? A partner is someone she is always ready to support. Whether you need her to lift your spirits after a bad day at work or to give you valuable advice about your future, you can get all that and more if you just come to her for support. Moreover, Russian girls are famously faithful. As long as she is in a relationship with an equally faithful partner, the thought of spending time with another man will never even cross her mind. With a Russian girlfriend, fidelity is always a guarantee.

7. Modern views

We are used to thinking about Russian girls as women with an old-school mentality, but the truth is that they are often as modern and forward-thinking as Western women. For your relationship with a Russian beauty, it can mean the following three things:
  • She will not pressure you into marriage right away and will be happy letting your relationship evolve naturally. Even though Russian girls are completely monogamous and faithful, they are in no rush to get married right away, especially if they are under 30.
  • If your Russian girlfriend is working and has a respectable career, there is a 99% chance that she’ll want to continue working even after things get serious between the two of you. Most women in Russia are not dreaming of becoming homemakers and they can successfully combine working full-time with a relationship and, later, marriage.
  • While Russian girls appreciate when guys behave like gentlemen and act tough as rocks, they are also capable of taking care of themselves without waiting for their knight in shining armor to solve their problems for them.

8. Entertaining personality

A Russian girl can be many things, but boring is what she definitely isn’t. Girls in Russia never feel bored even when they are on their own, so, naturally, they transfer the same cheerful outlook to their relationship. While your Russian girlfriend will be okay with just chilling at home during the weekend from time to time, she will also want to find new ways to spend time with you. Whether it’s finding a joint hobby, visiting a gallery opening, or organizing an improvised family picnic, there is always something to look forward to. And even when you are not doing anything special, you will never feel bored. Russian girls have a naturally bubbly and outgoing personality that they gladly use to add a spark to their relationship.

9. Family values

No matter how career-oriented a modern Russian girl can be, she will always be focused on her family. Most girls in Russia do not want to hurry with getting married and having children, but, to them, it’s a natural stage of the relationship. Once you go from being a girlfriend and boyfriend to being a husband and wife, you can expect your woman’s priorities to change. If the two of you decide to start a family and have children, you should know that there is no one better to picture as the mother of your kids.

10. Homemaking

Being a successful career lady doesn’t prevent a Russian girl from being an expert when it comes to homemaking. These girls seem naturally talented in everything that makes a cozy home, including interior decoration and cleaning. We also feel obligated to mention the amazing cooking skills of Russian girls. They grow up learning the traditional recipes and cooking tricks from their mothers and grandmothers, and by the time they begin a relationship with you, they are true cooking pros. Russian cuisine can be described as filling, homelike, and very diverse. There are refreshing salads, warming soups, delicious meat delicacies, exotic side dishes, and of course, the famous Russian desserts. Living with a world-class chef that specializes in Russian cuisine certainly doesn’t sound too bad!

How to Date a Russian Girl

In many ways, dating a Russian girl is not that different from the romantic experience you may already have. However, there are also some standout aspects of dating a girl from Russia you should know about. Here are a few tips on how to date a Russian girl.
  1. Express your feelings openly. Russian girls may seem demure and distant, but they immediately change once they find out you are interested in them romantically and want to build a relationship. That is why it’s so important to learn to openly talk about your feelings.
  2. Show her that you care. A typical Russian girl loves all the attention she can get from a man. From a simple text wishing her a good morning to making sure she gets home safely after a date, expressing these little episodes of attention is the foundation for a happy relationship.
  3. Don’t pressure her into anything. While some Russian girls prefer to quickly advance the relationship, most ladies prefer to take it slow. She will tell you when she is ready to take the relationship to the next stage. Don’t expect to come in for a cup of tea on your first or second date, but if that happens, consider yourself lucky!
  4. Make an effort with your look. If there is one thing that is always said about girls in Russia, it’s that they always look put-together and appropriate. Naturally, she will expect the same from you. You don’t need to wear an expensive tuxedo to a movie date, but you always need to look clean, fresh, and well-groomed.
  5. Act like a gentleman. When dating a Russian girl, you will need to remember your chivalry skills. Surely, you may not have used them for a while, but Russian girls are old-fashioned in this regard and expect their man to open the door for them, pick up the check, and lend them your jacket when it’s chilly outside.
  6. Be interested in her culture. Russian girls are usually very familiar with Western culture and often watch the same TV shows and listen to the same music as you do. However, Russian culture is also a big part of a Russian girl’s identity, and you should make an effort to know more about it. Even learning a couple of phrases in Russian to surprise her will definitely hit the right spot.
  7. Meet her parents and friends. A social circle consisting of family members and friends is one of the most important things for a girl from Russia. Volunteering to meet her parents and doing your best to impress them will cement your position as the best boyfriend ever. If you manage to become a part of her friend circle, it will make your relationship stronger.
  8. Support her in her aspirations. Even though some Russian girls are happy just being homemakers, the majority of them put their higher education to good use and strive to build a brilliant career. If you support her aspirations, help her prepare for interviews, and are willing to talk about her goals, she will appreciate you even more.
  9. Surprise her with gifts. The old-fashioned part of the personality of a Russian girl makes them very excited every time they get a present from their loved one. It doesn’t have to be an expensive smartphone or jewelry: even a bouquet of flowers or a new lipstick you know she’s wanted for some time is enough to put her in a good mood.
  10. Be yourself. It is very tempting to pretend to be someone else when you want to woo your Russian beauty, but the truth will always come out. Even if you believe you are not perfect, it’s best to just be sincere. If you don’t pretend to be someone you are not and always tell the truth, your girl will accept you the way you are.

How to Find Your Dream Russian Girl

There is a very slim chance that you will randomly meet a girl from Russia in your city streets, let alone build a happy relationship with her. Traveling to Russia to find love sounds very romantic, but it is hardly a practical move and will cost you thousands of dollars. So what is the best place to find Russian girls for dating? We believe that you have the best chance of finding your ideal Russian girlfriend on a Russian dating site. These sites have proven to be very efficient in connecting lonely hearts across the globe, and if you are dreaming of meeting a girl from Russia, you should definitely give them a try. Russian dating websites have numerous benefits. There are thousands of girls ready for a relationship or marriage, so you just have to use the search function to find your ideal match. Plus, when you are communicating through a dating site, you don’t have to rush anything and can fully control your relationship. And when you are finally ready to meet your Russian girl in person, the site administrators will gladly help you arrange the meeting. From here, you will need to do most of the work by yourself, but it’s the kind of work that always pays off in the end.

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