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Bulgaria holds a special place among European countries. It is one of the most recent countries to have joined the EU, but it’s also one of the most culturally diverse and historically peculiar states. Being a member of the EU has its benefits for Bulgarians, but the country is also far from being rich. As a result, many Bulgarian women seek serious relationships and marriage outside of their country. Bulgarian ladies may be very motivated to marry a foreigner, but it doesn’t mean they will accept just about anyone to be their lawful husband. They prefer men who treat them right and are prepared to give their all to a happy and loyal relationship. In many ways, dating a Bulgarian woman is similar to being in a relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian beauty. However, there are many important differences between the three nations. Want to know more about your potential Bulgarian bride? Here is a detailed guide to these wonderful women! bulgarian women

Why are Bulgarian brides so popular?

Every year hundreds of thousands of Western men travel to Bulgaria to seek for their special someone or finally meet the woman of their dreams they’ve found online. So what makes Bulgarian brides such a popular choice with guys from all over the world? Here are 6 things about Bulgaria women that make them completely irresistible to men.

1. Family values

Most Bulgarian girls are fine with having fun and dating around for a while, which allows them to get the necessary experience for building a strong relationship with their future husband. However, once they feel they are ready to start a family, they become very serious and focused on their goals.   When you marry a girl from Bulgaria, you can rest assured you will be her top priority no matter what. She will want to spend as much time with you as possible. She will want to find out everything about your views and desires, making sure your needs are met. Your woman’s family values will become even more noticeable when you start a family. There is no better candidate for having your children than a Bulgarian lady. What’s even more impressive that even after she becomes a mother, she doesn’t stop paying attention to you! The wonderful thing about a Bulgarian woman is that she is able to attend to everyone’s needs all the time.

2. Appearance

There is no going around this fact — Bulgarian girls are incredibly pretty. Whether you walk the streets of Sofia or browse the fabulous ladies of a Bulgarian dating site, you are guaranteed to be impressed by the looks of these women. Even though Bulgaria is a coastal country with a sunny climate, the facial features of local girls are very mild. There are some raven-haired beauties with highly contrasting features, but most of them have fair hair and gentle facial characteristics. One of the things you can’t help but notice about the women in Bulgaria is that they rarely wear heavy makeup. They will use makeup to subtly accentuate their features, but you will never catch a Bulgarian beauty looking like a drag queen in the middle of the day. bulgarian girls

3. Gratitude

Since many Bulgarian brides view marriage as not only a way to spend their lifetime with a man of their dreams, but also a solution to their personal and financial issues, a wife from Bulgaria will forever feel grateful to her spouse. It doesn’t mean that she will happily submit to you and accept even the most questionable treatment. However, she will make sure to become your rock. A Bulgarian wife will turn into your life partner who surrounds you with kindness, offers her constant understanding, and stands by your side even when things are not going well.

4. Fun

A Bulgarian girl can be very serious when the situation calls for it, but most of the time she doesn’t hide her vivacious personality. With a girl from Bulgaria as a wife, you will never express boredom and melancholy in your day-to-day life. This is especially helpful if you are not the most outgoing character. If you are often stressed from work and hardly ever have genuine fun, you should allow your Bulgarian bride to transform your life. With her, every day will not be like the previous one and you will find new hobbies, learn new fantastic ways to spend time, and even unlock new sides of your personality.

5. Hospitality

One of the most important things about the upbringing of a Bulgarian girl is teaching her the basics of homemaking. Every girl in this country grows up with a mother and often a grandmother who make sure to transfer all the skills and knowledge they have. The result is a generation of Bulgarian women who are not just career-oriented, but also know their way around the kitchen. They are big fans of their national cuisine, but they also love exploring new recipes and cooking their man’s favorite treats. If you’ve never tried Bulgarian cuisine, make sure to arrange a homemade dinner date with your potential bride. She will be more than happy to cook for you, and once you try the local delicacies like Bulgarian moussaka, Shopska salad, and tikvenik, you will definitely have marriage on your mind!

6. Self-reliance

It’s no secret that Bulgaria has gone through a lot of tough times financially. Plus, it’s not uncommon for Bulgarian men to leave their families in the pursuit of other goals. That is why Bulgarian women were often left to fend for themselves, and it’s safe to say they succeeded. Ever since the 20th century, Bulgaria has been known for its generally high level of education, and the situation has not changed significantly until our days. Today most girls in Bulgaria have a minimum of one college or university degree, and some even have two. bulgarian girls This level of education not only makes them very interesting to talk to, but also allows them to brilliant careers. Of course, your Bulgarian soulmate may turn out to be more family-oriented and happy to leave her job to be a housewife, but most ladies in Bulgaria successfully combine being great employees with being even better wives and mothers.

How are they different from Russian brides?

When you look at the gorgeous Bulgarian ladies, it’s very difficult to notice the differences between them and other Slavic beauties. It’s true that many of their appearance features are very similar. However, once you get to know your Bulgaria girl better, you will find many peculiarities. One of the most striking differences between Bulgarian and Russian ladies is that Russian wives tend to be very demanding. They have very high expectations for their man’s social status, financial situation, and even appearance. Bulgarian women are much more accepting and grateful for what they have.

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Another major difference between brides from Russia and Bulgaria is their views on marriage and family. Russian ladies are not opposed to marriage, but they tend to explore the dating scene for a while before committing to one man. A Bulgarian girl is ready to get married soon after meeting a man and making sure he’s the one, so if you see marriage and kids in your nearest future, a bride for Bulgaria is your best option.

Where to meet Bulgarian women?

Some Western guys are lucky enough to meet their Bulgarian girl in her hometown: for example, when they are visiting for work or are enjoying a nice vacation by the sea. However, even if you do travel to Bulgaria, no one can guarantee that you will meet your soulmate on your first try. A much better alternative is signing up for one of the international dating websites that offer to connect foreign men to Bulgarian beauties. There you will gain access to thousands of women’s profiles and will be able to select women based on their age, location, appearance traits, and views. There is a very good chance your ideal woman is already waiting for you there! From there, the road to your marital bliss shouldn’t take long — as we’ve said before, Bulgarian women are very motivated to get hitched and build their new family with the man they love.


Bulgarian ladies are so beautiful, complex, and fascinating that it’s impossible to describe them with one blog post. The best way to experience the grace and beauty of Bulgarian women is to find one and get to know her better. Once the two of you become closer, we are convinced that marriage is just around the corner. And if you are still thinking about your ideal future spouse, find even more reviews of the amazing foreign brides on our website!
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