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Denmark is well-known for its economic stability, rich culture, and lots of tourist attractions that make millions of visitors flock to Denmark every year. However, not all of those visitors are solely interested in sightseeing. Lots of people regularly come to Denmark to meet the amazing Danish women. Luckily, you don’t need to go that far to experience some of the famous Danish charm and charisma, as thousands of Danish mail order brides are already waiting for you online. Here is everything you need to know about the peculiarities of Danish brides and how to maximize your chances of making a Danish beauty your wife. danish women

Why are Danish brides so popular?

The women of Denmark wouldn’t have become viewed as some of the best brides Europe has to offer if it wasn’t for their many amazing qualities that make them perfect wife material. If you are dreaming of marrying one of the hot Danish girls, this is what you can expect from your future sweetheart.

Stunning looks

Before we can move on to the other coveted features of Danish girls, we should talk about their gorgeous appearances. When thinking about a Danish woman, you are probably imagining a strong and beautiful Viking woman with fair hair and lovely facial features, and you are not too far from the truth.   While recently the genetic pool in Denmark has gone through some changes, the most popular beauty type of Danish girls is a tall, lean, blonde beauty with blue or green eyes and a cute face. Danish girls should consider themselves lucky, because not only are they blessed with gorgeous features, but they can also effortlessly retain their youth for decades. Fashion is a big part of the life of a typical Danish woman, but you will hardly see her in outlandish clothes or dressed unfit for the occasion. When simply running errands or going to work, Danish girls prefer comfy yet chic clothes, while designer dresses and high heels are mostly reserved for special occasions like weddings and corporate parties. The best way to describe the attitude of a Danish woman to fashion and beauty is “low-maintenance”. These are not the ladies who will spend most of their monthly income on expensive clothes, makeup, and beauty procedures. Instead, they opt for a natural look that, without a doubt, fits them perfectly. danish girls

Lovable character

One of the biggest myths about Danish women is that they are cold and unwelcoming. And if you go to Denmark and try to strike a conversation with a woman who is enjoying her dinner alone, jogging, or spending time with her friends, you may indeed have no luck.   Beautiful Danish women don’t always welcome attempts from strangers to get to know them. They prefer to meet men through their mutual friends or at work. However, if you are lucky enough to meet a Danish beauty and start a relationship, you are going to be surprised by how lovely and tender she actually is. When a Danish girl finds a man she is truly interested in, she will always let him know about her true character and intentions. Danish brides are some of the most passionate and loving women you have ever met, as long as they are enamored with you and see a future with you.

Career goals

In most cases, even the most beautiful Danish girls are never happy with just sitting at home and being a pretty wife to a hard-working husband. They prefer to build their own careers and they are very proud of their work achievements. Denmark is a country with plenty of career opportunities for women, and Danish girls are always happy to use those opportunities. They like being useful, applying their expertise to their daily assignments, and being their own providers, which is why you can hardly find a Danish household where the wife has not worked for a long time.   The one instance where a Danish woman is ready to suspend working, even if it is for a limited time, is when she becomes a mother. A typical new Danish mother will gladly use her maternity leave to give her baby everything she can, but then she will likely return to work and share parenting duties with you.

Family values

With all the talk about the career aspirations of Danish women, you may think that marriage is not even on their minds and they consider themselves to be married to work. And while that can be true in their early 20s, they will instantly change their mind once they find the right partner. Most Danish girls have been brought up in complete and loving families, and now they strive to recreate the same love and warmth in their own marriages. It’s true that a Danish girl may not be looking for a man every second of her life, but deep down, she is always dreaming of her happy little family. As soon as you two become married and have a baby, you and the little one become the centre of the universe for your Danish sweetheart. She will go to great lengths to maintain a balance between work and family life, but she will never sacrifice her time with the family to achieve more at work. At the same time, she will expect the same behavior from you. Danish brides are not the biggest fans of men who spend all their time at work and rarely have the weekend off. For a Danish wife, evenings and weekends are the only time she can spend with her family, so she will appreciate you taking some time off work and attending to your family. denmark women

Cultural background

With some European wife, particularly from Eastern Europe, a cultural and language barrier is one of the biggest problems in the early stages of the relationship. When you two speak completely different languages and have completely different cultural backgrounds, effective communication may not be as easy as you wish. The good news is that it is not something you need to worry about with Danish brides. Even though the Danish language sounds nothing like English, these women study English from early childhood and can easily maintain a conversation with you on any topic. Their cultural background is equally fascinating. These women are well-versed in Danish history, art, and literature, but they also have a wide outlook and love learning new things. As a result, they probably love the same music, movies, and TV shows as you, not to mention their knack for world literature. With a Danish wife, you will always find something new and exciting to learn about.

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How are Danish brides different from Russian brides?

There are many things separating Denmark from Russia, including the economic situation, climate, and culture. Another major difference you can easily spot is how Danish brides are completely unlike Russian brides.   Many Russian brides seeking potential husbands online do it hoping that the man will support them financially and solve their various problems. Danish mail order brides are much more self-sufficient. Looking for a husband on dating websites is simply an exciting new opportunity to expand the dating pool and find the qualities they were not able to find in Danish guys. One more big difference between Russian and Danish bride is their attitude to married life and career. A Russian bride will typically settle down after marriage, spending her time working around the house, attending beauty procedures, or meeting with her girlfriends. A Danish bride is career-oriented and will likely be able to combine work life and house duties like a pro.

Where to find a Danish bride

As we have mentioned before, Danish girls are not too fond of the idea of meeting guys in the street or public locations, which is why you probably won’t succeed if you decide to go to Denmark and look for your future wife there. Plus, this journey will cost you quite a lot. A much more effective and budget-friendly way to look for a Danish wife is to sign up for one of the popular international dating websites. There you will find thousands of young and gorgeous Danish girls who are ready to get married and make you the happiest man on the planet. These girls are beautiful, well-educated, and have good careers. Even more importantly, they have a marriage with a foreign husband on their minds. If you have been dreaming about a Danish wife for a long time, this is your best option.


Even experienced dating site users can understandably feel worried when beginning their journey to find the Danish bride of their dreams. That is why we prepared a whole range of guides to help you safely navigate the world of online dating. With our dating site reviews, guides to European mail order brides, and dating tips you will find happiness in your personal life sooner than you hoped!
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