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Finland is a tiny country in Northern Europe, but you can hardly find anyone in the world who has never heard about it. Finland is widely known for its harsh climate, beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and exotic cuisine. However, there is one more aspect that makes Finland stand out, and it’s the gorgeous, passionate, and classy Finnish women. Some of the world’s most famous supermodels have Finnish roots, but stunning looks are not the only thing to love about Finnish women. finnish women

Why are Finnish brides so popular?

The charming Finnish ladies are what regularly puts Finland on the map of the best countries if you want to get married. But what exactly can you expect if you decide to marry a Finnish girl? Here are the 5 qualities every Finnish bride has.  


Whenever you ask any man what he is looking for in a potential wife, her looks will always be on top of the list. It doesn’t make you shallow to want a beautiful woman as your wife. After all, her face is the one you will come home to every night, so it is perfectly normal to want that face to be visually pleasing. The typical beauty standard of Finland women is platinum hair, fair skin, and blue or grey eyes. Fins have been able to preserve this standard over the years, so if that’s your type, you will feel especially comfortable when choosing a Finnish bride. And since in Finland girls are not big fans of experiments with their appearances, you won’t see any outlandish hair colours or body modifications there. Finnish girls have mild facial features, but they rarely use heavy makeup to make their features more pronounced. Instead, they prefer to go out barefaced or with minimal makeup, and they can certainly afford it — girls in Finland have the most flawless skin among all European brides. When it comes to fashion, Finnish brides certainly put comfort over trends. They will choose clothes and footwear that are convenient to wear, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have an exquisite taste in clothing. Just ask your Finnish girl out to a fancy restaurant or a theatre date and you will witness one of the most surprising transformations you have ever seen.


If you don’t know much about Finland and its women other than it’s a typical Nordic country, you may believe in the stereotype that Finnish women are cold, reserved, and sometimes even rude. However, that is only true when the woman is completely uninterested in the man and doesn’t have another way of showing it.   If there is a spark between you and your Finnish girl, which is impossible to miss, you will never for a second think that she is cold and reserved. Finland women may be selective about their partners, but they always let their true colors show when they are interested in a man. finnish girls At the same time, if you are a type that always openly talks about the problems in a relationship and prefers to discuss issues as soon as they appear, you may need to work on this aspect of your romance with a Finnish girl. These women prefer to keep their issues to themselves, but with your help, your bride will learn how to openly discuss things to keep each other happy.

Interesting personality

For a Finnish woman, family is not the only life goal. These ladies are pretty happy studying, working, and doing hobbies. As a result, by the time they decide to get married, most Finnish girls are some of the most interesting and developed personalities you have ever seen. Their intellectual background can hardly be compared to any other European brides. The often bad weather and the natural curiosity of Finnish girls made many of them bookworms. Their knowledge of literature, arts, and other important fields is astounding, so you can always expect to have meaningful, exciting conversations with your Finnish sweetheart. The challenging climate and weather conditions made Finnish brides extremely resilient. They had to combat the elements so often in their life that now they have more strength than most other European girls. They love extreme sports, long walks, and often have interesting hobbies that you would normally associate with men. A typical girl from Finland also has one of the most unusual senses of humor among any woman you have ever met. Their sense of humor is slightly dark, they love deadpan humor, and likely adore the same sitcoms and stand up comedians as you do.

Caring nature

Growing up, Finland girls are taken excellent care of by their families. And after they start a serious relationship and their own family, they are determined to keep the same views for the rest of their lives.   As soon as your relationship with a Finnish woman becomes committed, you can expect her to be caring 100% of the time. For them, taking care of their loved ones is not hard work — it’s a way to keep everybody happy and satisfied. From simply asking you about your day to packing you lunch for work, your Finnish wife will express her love and affection in every way she can and she won’t even demand anything in return as long as you love her back and are not afraid to show it.

Laid-back attitude

You may never have imagined Finland girls as party animals and generally laid-back ladies, but that is exactly what you will experience with your Finnish sweetheart as soon as you two meet. We don’t know if it’s the weather or cultural background, but Finnish girls simply love partying. Going to a bar after work to have a glass of beer or their favorite drink is one of the most beloved pastimes of a Finnish beauty. They also love getting together with friends for fun parties or to simply play board games and watch movies. Finnish girls have a very relaxed attitude towards alcohol. They will never get angry if you decide to have a drink and they will likely join you. The good news is that for them, drinking is purely a recreational and social thing and you will never experience problems related to alcohol in your romance. finnish girl

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How are Finnish brides different from Russian brides?

Finland and Russia are located in similar weather conditions, so your first instinct is to probably think that Russian and Finnish mail order brides are very similar to each other. However, while there are obviously some similarities between them, there are also many differences you should know about. From a visual point of view, Finnish and Russian women look alike with their fair skin, light hair, and blue eyes. But the attitude of these girls towards their appearances could not be more different. A Russian girl will not leave the house without visible makeup and the most elaborate outfit, while Finnish brides are much more casual and can easily go out without any makeup and in a simple yet cute outfit. Finnish ladies are also very proud of their education and career. They prefer to continue working even after getting married, and many Finnish women make more money than their husbands, which is completely socially acceptable in Finland. Many Russian brides happily give up work after marriage, and even when they continue working, they do it to keep themselves from getting bored, not to provide a sizeable income for the family.

Where to meet Finnish brides

Finnish girls love traveling for work and leisure, which is why you may have already met one of them on vacation or in your workplace. However, the chances of meeting your future wife this way are slim, as the women you meet may not be open to the idea of getting married to a foreigner.   That is why more and more Western men prefer to do the search for their potential Finnish brides on international dating websites. These sites have thousands of young, beautiful, and highly motivated Finnish girls who have decided that marriage with a foreign man is exactly what they need to be happy. Signing up on a typical international dating platform will not take you more than a couple of minutes, and once that is done, you have virtually unlimited options in your search. The probability of meeting your Finnish bride on a dating site is very high, so make sure to try this option.


Navigating the world of online international dating with zero experience may be tough. Luckily for you, we are here to help you have the safest and most effective experience when looking for gorgeous and loving Finnish brides. With our dating site reviews, guides to brides from dozens of European countries, and detailed tips on virtual dating, you will have a positive experience in your quest to find a Finnish wife.
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Finnish women are reliable and loving partners who value mutual trust and respect from their dates. If you’re ready to meet a girl from Finland, then expect no less than getting a kiss from her in real life. Finnish beauties are the perfect choice for guys who want to feel loved today.

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