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To most people in the world, Slovakia is known for its beautiful nature, rich folk culture, and thriving economy, at least when compared to other Eastern European nations. However, to millions of single men on the planet, Slovakia is better known as the land of gorgeous and lovely women. Now that meeting and even marrying a woman that leaves thousands of miles from you is easier than ever, men from around the world finally got an opportunity to date outside of their country’s borders. And Slovakia women seem to be a particularly popular choice among these men. Slovakia is a well-developed state, but many girls there actually dream of getting married to a foreigner and moving abroad. To them, this arrangement is more about seeking new opportunities than improving their financial situation or even looking for safety. slovakian women

Why are Slovakian brides so popular?

Slovakian girls have a lot to offer to the world, which is why they are so coveted among bachelors of all ages. When you decide to meet, date and marry a Slovakian girl, here is what you can look forward to.

1. Beauty

Although some consider pointing out someone’s beauty rather shallow, it’s simply impossible to ignore the stunning appearance of a typical Slovakian girl. If you’ve ever looked at the most popular international models, you probably noticed a lot of them are Slavic. It’s true — Slavic women are widely known for their beautiful looks. What will surprise you even more when you meet Slovakian ladies is that all of their assets are 100% natural. Their high cheekbones are the result of genetics, and not some intricate makeup technique. Their fair hair colour, their petite figures, and their luminous eyes are as beautiful as they are natural.

2. Style

Fashion takes an important part of every Slovakian girl’s life, but the best thing about the way they dress is that they never try too hard. A Slovakian girl knows exactly what to wear for any occasion and always looks appropriate and trendy. On most everyday occasions, you will see your Slovakian lady in something comfy: jeans, t-shirts, casual jackets, sneakers or ballet slippers, and with one or two eye-catching accessories. She will never wear enormous heels to the beach or a casual date in a cafe, but you can count on her to look chic whenever you take her to an important business dinner or corporate event. If you are also a fan of the casual style in clothing, you are going to be delighted by your woman’s relaxed attitude to dressing. Unless the occasion is really special, she will never demand you to wear three-piece suits and other uncomfortable clothing; she will be perfectly happy to see you in your favorite jeans and flannel shirt. slovakia women

3. Romance

Women in Slovakia value romance above all in a relationship. They are not as naive as some girls who are waiting for their Prince Charming for ages, but they definitely love the romantic aspect of dating and marriage. The good news is that you don’t need to jump over your head to impress your Slovakian sweetheart. Even something as simple as a bouquet of flowers or her favorite sweet treat will put her in an excellent mood and make your relationship even better. Slovakian girls also appreciate romantic gestures and situations. You can sweep her off her feet by arranging a spontaneous picnic in a beautiful location or a weekend trip to her favorite European destination. In return, your Slovakian wife will surround you with her version of romance. She may not give you super expensive gifts or organize lavish vacations. However, she will always remember to cook your favorite pie and give you a back massage after a particularly stressful day at work.

4. Family views

It’s no secret the feminism continues making women more focused on their careers than personal lives. Luckily, the situation couldn’t be more different in Slovakia. Women there have preserved traditional family values. It means that while Slovakian women know their worth, they also agree with the traditional man’s and woman’s position in the family. The power dynamic of a typical Slovakian family is a man who is responsible for making most of the family budget and a woman who takes care of the comfort of everyone in the household. It doesn’t mean, however, that your Slovakian bride will be happy with just being a housewife. Most of them continue working even after they get married, but if they feel their work prevents them from committing to the family, they will change their work situation without any hesitation.

5. Loyalty

Slovakian girls are open to exploring the dating scene when they are young and have no intention of getting married right away. However, they are known for their serious attitude to a relationship once it becomes serious. slovakian girls What women in Slovakia are looking for is a partner for life. When she starts viewing you as her soulmate, you can rest assured that she won’t ever think of exploring other options, let alone act on them. Loyalty is one of the best known qualities of Slovakian brides. They are fully committed to making the relationship work and last. As long as you both put effort into your marriage, you are in for probably the happiest romantic relationship of your life. Part of their famous loyalty is actually their religious upbringing. Slovakian girls are brought up with a notion that they need just one man for the whole life. And while not all girls share this belief, they still strive to be loyal to just one man and enjoy a blissful marriage with him.

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How are the different from Russian brides?

Slovakia and Russia are not located far from each other on the world map, but the qualities of women in Russia and Slovakia are very different in some regards. There are many similarities as well, but there are also some key differences you should know about. Perhaps, the biggest difference between Slovakian and Russian brides is their outlook on life. Russian women tend to have a gloomy view of the world, and even when something good happens, they are convinced it won’t last. The situation is quite different with Slovakian women. They have a bright and cheerful outlook on life. Even if they are currently going through a rough patch, they always believe it will soon end. And when things are going great, you won’t find anyone happier and uplifted than a girl from Slovakia. Another major difference is a power balance in a relationship. Russian women expect their man to take charge of everything in a relationship, from providing for a family to deciding where you will go for dinner. Slovakian girls, on the other hand, are looking for an equal partner. They will not only contribute their share to the household budget, but will also want a vote on every big and small decision you take as a family. Russian women want to see you happy, but they often put their own happiness above yours and expect you to put in extra work to keep them satisfied. A Slovakian woman also wants to be happy, but the is also prepared to invest time and effort into keeping you happy as well.

Where to meet Slovakian women?

If you have decided that a bride from Slovakia is exactly what you need to complete your life, the most obvious option for you seems traveling directly there and looking for your future wife on site. This solution has its benefits, since you get to see lots of local girls in action and decide who makes the best bride. However, there are also obvious disadvantages to doing it. First, your trip may turn out to be rather expensive, since you may have to stick around for a long time before you find the one. Plus, there is no guarantee that the woman you like is free, ready for marriage, and willing to move abroad. To thousands of Western men who found love with a Slovakian woman, the best option is using one of the many Slovakian dating websites. There you will find girls who are not only pretty and intelligent, but also have a strong desire to get married to a foreigner and move to his home country. When using an international dating site, there is no mandatory commitment. You can talk to as many women at once as you want — since all of your communication is private, you can take your time before settling for one of the girls.


Meeting, dating, and marrying a foreign girl is, without a doubt, a bold decision that can completely turn your life around. However, for many men, it turned out to be the best decision of their life. Want to know more about the peculiarities of European brides and international dating sites? Check out even more reviews on our platform!
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