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Slovenia is a tiny Eastern European country that is relatively unknown in the international dating scene. However, that is nothing more than an oversight, because Slovenian brides are as gorgeous and lovely as any European girls. The popularity of Slovenian women for marriage has only recently started to grow, but thousands of Western men have been steadily flocking to the country in the pursuit of marriage with a Slovenian beauty. slovenian women

Why are Slovenian brides so popular?

If you firmly believe that only marriage can make your life complete, there are some very good reasons why you should choose a Slovenian bride. Here are just some of the things you are guaranteed to love about your Slovenian girl.

1. Kindness

A popular stereotype about European brides is that they are hardly approachable and are rather cold to men, especially foreigners. Luckily, you will forget about this stereotype as soon as you step on the Slovenian soil. The women here are so kind and polite that once you start talking to a Slovenian woman, you will feel like you’ve known her for ages. These women have an especially warm attitude towards foreign men, so you will definitely enjoy the attention of several Slovenian girls if you ever go there. Moreover, ladies in Slovenia are known for their excellent manners. They will never be rude or unpleasant to you as long as you are good to them. And the best news is that their attitude doesn’t change even after years of marriage. Coming home to your loving Slovenian wife will feel as exciting and hearty as the day you met!

2. Appearance

Slovenia belongs to the Balkan countries, but there is also a strong northern influence. As a result, the looks of Slovenia women stand out from the rest of European brides. Most girls there have an average height, although there are plenty of petite women in Slovenia too. The bodies of girls in Slovenia are slim and toned, which is why they look fabulous in any clothing, including a swimsuit. The hair colors of women range from fair to dark, but all of them look very natural — you will rarely see an outlandish hair color in Slovenia. slovenian girl As for their facial features, they can be described as strong and delicate at the same time. Slovenian beauties are not fans of striking makeup, but they will always make an effort to look good for you. Finally, the clothing style in Slovenia is the combination of casual and trendy. A Slovenian girl will hardly ever wear uncomfortable dresses and insane heels. And you’ll be pleased to know that your woman won’t demand you to wear a three-piece suit every time you go out. You can be casual together and it will only make your love stronger!

3. Western values

Slovenia may be small, but it’s one of the most economically and socially developed countries in its region. Part of the reason for Slovenia’s success is the Western mentality that many Slovenian people happily adopted. The result of the change in the mentality is the openness and modern views of Slovenian women. They are determined to not only marry well and have children, but also become all-around developed professionals. Their career is often as important to them as their family. The biggest benefit of this mentality for you as a foreign husband is that you will marry a partner instead of having someone depend on you 100% of the time. Your Slovenian wife will make a contribution to the budget without making your work day and night to provide for the family. It’s important to note that while girls in Slovenia are focused on fulfilling their career goals as much as Western women, they are also much more eager to start families. A Slovenian bride won’t keep you waiting for too long to get married and have a child, so if that’s something you’ve wanted for a while, you already know where to find it! slovenia women

4. Honesty

Regardless of your prior dating experience, you are probably used to women playing coy and hard to get, as well as having trouble discussing their needs and wishes. That is not the case with Slovenian brides. They are some of the most open and frank women on the planet. On one hand, being with an honest woman means that she will always let you know when she is unhappy and wants a change. Of course, she is not going to do it in public, but when you are alone, you will quickly know something is not right. On the other hand, it means that your relationship will never suffer because of her inability to openly discuss things. From frankly expressing her interest in you rather than playing hard to get to telling you what she wants in every aspect of life — marriage with a Slovenian woman is effortless and refreshing.

5. Interests

There are many European brides whose only goal is to successfully get married and have children. Luckily, this is far from the reality of Slovenian girls. These ladies have rich cultural lives and will be happy to share them with you. One of the biggest interests for Slovenian girls is anything to do with sports and outdoors. Many of them work out for health and fitness, but some actually enjoy sports professionally, taking part in championships and always improving their skills. Spending time outdoors is also one of the favorite pastimes of Slovenian women. They adore biking, hiking, and simply having nice outdoor picnics. If you are also a fan of the great outdoors, you will definitely feel happy with a Slovenian girl.

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How are they different from Russian brides?

From a visual point of view, there are many similarities between Slovenian and Russian brides. Both are not particularly tall and have similar facial features and hair colors. However, the personalities of Russian and Slovenian women are much more different. A key difference between these two nations is independence. A Slovenian woman is looking for someone who will become her rightful partner. She will expect to share everything from expenses to chores with you. A Russian woman usually considers house chores to be her most important duty while you are out making money. And while that leaves plenty of time for you to work or practice your hobbies, it’s always better to have someone to talk to like an equal instead of your woman relying on you for everything. Another big difference between Slovenian and Russian brides is their frankness. A Russian woman can be upset with you but not tell you why for a long time. She may watch you try to figure out what you did wrong without telling you anything. A Slovenian girl doesn’t have time for this. If you did anything wrong, she will be quick to explain everything to you. All you need to do is apologize or make it better, and then the two of you will be ready to move on without any damage to your relationship.

Where to meet Slovenian women?

Some men, fascinated with the beauty and personality of Slovenian girls, will spare no expense on traveling to Ljubljana and searching for the woman of their dreams on site. There are many success stories of men who traveled to Slovenia and came back with a gorgeous bride. However, going to Slovenia to look for a bride is often impractical and a very costly affair. You will get even better results if you visit one of the Slovenian international dating websites and try finding your future bride there. Looking for women on dating websites instead of going there in person has lots of benefits. As a member of a reputable dating service, you receive access to the cream of the crop of Slovenian brides. The women you encounter are 100% motivated to get married and move abroad. Plus, dating online gives you an opportunity to get to know the women better before making any kind of commitment. When you’re having doubts or feel like the relationship is not going well, ending it online is much easier than doing it in person. Moreover, when you meet someone online and there is a spark, there is nothing keeping you from traveling to Slovenia to finally meet your dream lady.


Whether it’s your first time looking for a foreign bride or you already have some international dating experience, a Slovenian woman is one of your best options if your goal is a happy relationship and subsequent marriage. Want to know more about the specifics of international dating and outstanding features of foreign brides? Make sure to check out other reviews on our website, where we will tell you everything you need to know about the world of international online dating!
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Slovenian women are reliable and loving partners who value mutual trust and respect from their dates. If you’re ready to meet a girl from Slovenia, then expect no less than getting a kiss from her in real life. Slavic beauties are the perfect choice for guys who want to feel loved today.

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